Mainberg Services

Mainberg understands the preferences among the end markets– as different set of people have different needs and requirement. Keeping these choices in mind, Mainberg offers different level of services into its service portal to match with the requirement of your customers. It allows you to choose your required level of service(s) based on the needs of your own market(s).


For a guaranteed level of service, quality and connectivity with CLI, choose our Premium Package.

If your customer is not concerned with the CLI and if you are looking for a service that can ensure quality and if connectivity is important to you or your customer, you can rely on our Budget Service Package.

To satisfy the communication need of those customers who wants a minimal cost for the telecom service, you can choose our Economy Package where rates will attract customers to you.

Mainberg Wholesale Termination for A-Z Countries is designed for network operators whose retail subscribers expect high QoS at competitive market rates.

  • All destinations terminate via stable, high-quality providers.
  • CLI and signaling features supported on the Mainberg network.
  • Proactive management of QoS parameters.

For the retailers or carriers who carries only retail calls, Mainberg provides routes which are efficient to cater and terminate them to the routes known as Retail Routes.



Wholesale World Congress
11-12 Sep