Mainberg offers different level of services into its service portal to match with the requirement of your customers which allows you to choose your required level of services(s) based on the needs of your own market(s).
Direct Termination

Direct Termination

Ultimate solution for operators whose retail subscribers demand the premier quality and superior features (such as CLI) with competitive market rates.

Wholesale Termination

Wholesale Termination

For A-Z Countries is designed for network operators whose retail subscribers expect high QoS at competitive market rates.

Retail Service

Retail Call Termination

For the retailers or carriers who carries only retail calls, Mainberg provides routes which are efficient to cater and terminate them to the routes known as Retail Routes.

About Mainberg

Mainberg Limited is an International Wholesale Voice Trader delivering innovation in communications and mobility. We provide superior Voice Termination services in Global Telecommunication Market to consumers, businesses, and wholesale customers across the globe.

Mainberg is connected with more than 500 Carriers which covers Tier1 Operators, Mobile Operators, Wholesale Operators and Retail Operators, where we are focusing on high quality services with enhanced features like CLI, High QoS with aggressive Pricing and stable QoS with aggressive pricing.

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